Emsource Blue Hill LLC - An Emsource Risk Transfer Project


Client: Kerramerican, Inc.
Location: Blue Hill, ME
Cost Range: $8-13 Million


Client Objectives:

  • Cap all management, remediation and long term maintenance costs associated with a former mine site in Blue Hill, ME
  • Transfer environmental liability and management responsibility to Emsource, the entity responsible for regulatory compliance
  • Cap the financial risk of cost overruns and insure against regulatory uncertainty.
  • Obtain a liability release in a consent decree entered in federal court with the Maine DEP
  • Pursue cost recovery from other PRPs
  • Dissolve Kerramerican knowing that all future environmental obligations will be honored and managed.


Category: Mining
Risk transfer mechanism: Consent Decree entered in Federal District Court governs cleanup of former mine site. Decree releases Client and transfers obligations to Emsource Blue Hill LLC.
Project Insurance Program:Comprehensive Environmental Insurance Program blending Remediation Stop Loss and Pollution Legal Liability Cover.

Emsource Blue Hill Project Team:

  • Project manager: Outcome Engineering
  • Environmental Engineers: Sevee & Maher
  • Geologists: C.A. White & Associates
  • Remediation Construction: R.F. Jordan
  • Project Surveyor: Herrick & Salsbury
  • Environmental Insurance: Chartis Environmental
  • Trust Fund Administrator: TD Banknorth Wealth Management
  • Legal Advisors: Verrill Dana
  • Regulatory Oversight: Maine DEP