Michigan Seamless Tube, LLC - An Emsource Consulting Engagement


Client: Atlas Holdings, LLC
Location(s): South Lyon, Michigan
Cost Range: up to $5 million

Client Objectives:

  • Acquire high-quality manufacturing assets through Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, re-start the plant, and restore 200 jobs jeopardized by the bankruptcy.


  • Ensure that the new entity will be a responsible corporate citizen, and have the capacity to remain in compliance with current and future environmental requirements.


  • Quantify and assume responsibility for ongoing operation and maintenance of a completed RCRA landfill closure, while limiting cost exposure to future unknown environmental problems.


  • Obtain a cost-competitive long-term environmental insurance program to provide financial assurance to investors that environmental problems will not derail the new enterprise.



Risk Transfer Category: Ongoing manufacturing operation, state-regulated landfill O&M, ongoing groundwater assessment program.
Project Insurance Program:

  • Pollution legal liability insurance program 

Project Profile:

  • RCRA closed landfill
  • Michigan BEA registered site

Unique Project Features:

  • Insurance provider covered all known conditions identified under a state-mandated Baseline Environmental Assessment, as well as pre-existing unknown conditions
  • Project covers risks over a 10-year term 

Emsource Project Team:

  • Environmental Engineers & Consultants: Horizon Environmental Corporation
  • Insurance Broker: Marsh USA (Boston)
  • Insurance Company: XL Environmental
  • Legal Advisors: Verrill Dana, LLP
  • Regulatory: Michigan DEP